Grace Notes App

Grace Notes - daCapo Software

We all need a little bit of grace!

Grace Notes gives you a daily dose of inspiration that you can use as a journal starter. Wonderful for recording reflections and meditations, and for keeping track of important events and memories.

Who it’s for
✔ Anyone wanting an instant source of Christian inspiration
✔ Anyone who wants journal their spiritual jottings or prayers.
✔ Anyone who wants a way to record their journey of faith with a personal diary
✔ Homes or churches that want to have a “digital Scripture frame”


What it does
✔ Displays carefully selected Bible verses and Christian quotes
✔ Swipe to flip between different calendar dates.
✔ Allows you to record and edit your personal reflections
✔ Lets you export your own Grace Notes journal. Great for bloggers and writers!
✔ Slideshow mode to use as a “digital Scripture frame” with originally recorded background music
✔ Built for both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad as a universal app- Swipe to flip between different calendar dates.

This functional yet elegant app gives a wonderful, handy way to keep a personal journal of your reflections and memories throughout your journey in the faith.
Grace Notes - daCapo Software