Car Negotiator App

Car Negotiator - daCapo Software

Not just another car loan calculator app.

It actually walks you through the entire car shopping process to help you become a smarter car buyer and negotiate confidently!
What the experts say

★ Edmunds Automotive App of the Week: “Whip it out while crunching numbers on your next visit to a car dealer and the $1.99 price of the app will probably end up paying for itself.” (Automotive App of the Week)


★ says: “Car Shopping Just Got Easier” (


Who it’s for
✔Anyone who’s been intimidated by the new car purchase process.
✔ Anyone who wants to make sure not to waste time or money making this huge purchase.
✔ Anyone who wants to keep track of their progress when hunting for a new car.


What it does

✔ Has a helpful step-by-step guide for making good decisions
✔ Gives you a checklist to track your progress!
✔ Allows you to enter in detailed car loan and financing calculations
✔ Lets you save and review different car purchasing scenarios
✔ Contains ability to email the budget to yourself or to others.
A car and a house… these two things are the biggest purchases a normal person will make in their lifetimes.  Don’t waste your time and money.  Be a smart car shopper with Car Negotiator.
Car Negotiator - daCapo Software