Biz Talk: American Business English Idioms

Biz Talk: American Business English - daCapo Software

Improve your command of business English and be a more effective communicator!
Whether you are an MBA graduate or an ESL student, this app puts a dictionary of useful expressions, idioms, buzzwords and jargons in your back pocket to help you navigate the “real world” of English business communication.
Who it’s for
✔ Anyone who wants to improve their command of commonly used business terminologies
✔ ESL students who want to improve their business English.
✔ Anyone who wants to learn the “insider” language of native English speakers
What it does
✔ Displays over 200 of the most useful idioms and expressions
✔ Has definition, background info, usage tips, and example usage sentences
✔ Contains carefully selected expressions that are not outdated, vulgar, or offensive
✔ Any popular expressions with the potential to offend someone are explained in detail
The Biz Talk app is a must-have for anyone who wants to be a more effective communicator, whether around the water cooler or in the boardroom.
Biz Talk: American Business English - daCapo Software